The KLI-MAT Control System

What does it do?

Kli-Mat® ensures that the central heating boiler only operates when necessary to achieve the level of internal warmth and (where incorporated in the system) stored hot water, personally chosen by the user and in the case of High Efficiency Condensing Boilers, Kli-Mat® enables the condensing function to achieve optimum efficiency.

What it can do for you

Kli-Mat® provides pump protection by running the pump for a short period every day to avoid sludge building up and causing damage during the summer months when the heating is not required.

Kli-Mat® provides frost protection for the property by constantly monitoring the external temperature. When the temperature falls to 0ºC or below Kli-Mat® runs the pump and, if necessary, fires up the boiler and operates the central heating system.

Kli-Mat® automatically ensures that so long as the control is connected to the electricity and fuel supplies, the central heating system will operate to provide protection for the fabric of the building against condensation and for the occupiers against hypothermia and other cold related illnesses by preventing the temperature in the property from at any time falling below 12ºC or such higher temperature, say 14ºC, as is nominated by the user at the time of installation. This feature is invaluable in the case of the elderly or infirm, who might have switched off their heating on the grounds of rising fuel bills.

Kli-Mat® incorporates a “Not occupied” facility that allows the user to leave the property safe in the knowledge that the central heating will be automatically operated if the temperature in the property falls to the chosen minimum level, whilst the property is unoccupied or you are holiday.

Kli-Mat® incorporates memory retention. Thus, if the power goes off it remembers everything that has happened up to that time and continues to add to that knowledge the instant the power is restored.

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